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Find women's shelters and important facilities in your area.

Free places
for women with children
and without children
Free places
for women
without children
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Welcome to Women’s information network against violence – help in your area

Here you will find quick and easy information about free places in women’s shelters in North Rhine-Westphalia.
In addition, you’ll also find further important information about support services for women affected by violence.


How to find help:

You can move the mouse directly over the map of North Rhine-Westphalia. The houses on the map are the women’s shelters. Red means that unfortunately the house is full. Yellow means there are only places available for women on their own. Green means there are places for women with children and there are places for women on their own.   
In addition, it is possible to enter a town or a postcode and activate the local search to find offers of help.

Women’s information network is a project of the Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Autonomer Frauenhäuser NRW e. V. (state association of autonomous women’s shelters in North Rhine-Westphalia).

Women’s information network - Tips

Tip: for your safety – cover your tracks in the Internet

If someone is threatening you and has access to your e-mail account, they can read your incoming and outgoing e-mails. If you want your account to be secured against unauthorised access, use a password that is not easy to guess. Preferably a combination of letters and numbers. If you receive e-mails from someone with threats or harassment, print them out so you have evidence in case of an emergency.

You can cover your tracks in the Internet:


Your Internet browser stores information, data and graphics from the websites you visited last. So that other people cannot track these, delete the data stored using your browser's settings.

Mozilla Firefox

Click on the “Settings” menu and select “Privacy and security”. It’s best to empty both the history and the web content. Alternatively, simply use the “private mode” to surf.

Internet Explorer

Click on the menu “Extras”, choose “Internet options”. In the tab “General” in the area “Browsing history” you can a) select that the browser history is deleted automatically every time the browser is closed or b) under “Delete”, select which browser data should be deleted. Click on “Delete”.

Women’s information network - About us

The Frauen-Info-Netz offers help

The Frauen-Info-Netz offers women seeking help and professionals the opportunity to obtain comprehensive and up-to-date information on places in women’s shelters and other support options.
The information collected on this site does not claim to be complete.


The Frauen-Info-Netz is a project of the Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Autonomer Frauenhäuser NRW e.V. which includes women’s shelters run by other bodies.
The Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft is an association of currently 26 autonomous women’s shelters.
The women’s shelters provide accommodation, qualified advice and support for women affected by violence and their children, with the aim of developing a new life perspective.
In addition to improving the personal and legal situation of women, we aim to raise public awareness of the social and individual consequences of violence against women in its various manifestations.

For further information please visit our homepage:

LAG Autonomer Frauenhäuser NRW e.V.
Postfach 500349
44203 Dortmund

Koordinierungsstelle der LAG Autonomer Frauenhäuser NRW e.V.
Claudia Fritsche
Markgrafenstraße 6
58332 Schwelm
Telefon: 0231/9710300